Digital Photography Purchases Terms and Privacy


We want you to know that all our listings in our site are digital products. Kalina’s Studio never mails anything physical. 

All digital files are available for download after payment is processed. 


Kalina’s Studio wants you to be happy with our photograph templates and services. Before you place an order if you have any questions please message us and if you have any questions you may use our chat box.

Due to the nature of our digital products we don’t do cancellations, however, we can do a replacements or fix your order for you. We want you to know that we have been creating our photographs since 2016 and we pride ourselves in excellent customer service. If for any reason, we have not delivered what you want we will be happy to correct the matter within reason and in accordance and based on your needs. 

What is Corjl?

We use an outside service called Corjl, where you may edits your photo yourself. We also offer to edit for you with the fee inside any pregnancy announcement listing only. Invitations and other printables that need to be edited by you. When you edit it is easier to avoid mistakes on our part and you can download instantly after you complete it.

Custom Orders Refunds

Please know that every time we take a custom photograph, we have a dedicated time of at least 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on the customization. To prevent any issues, Kalina’s Studio asks that you provide us with all of the information we need to avoid delays, mistakes and unseen Godly events. We don’t refund customized photography so we highly recommend you message us to see if we can create your custom announcement.  We recommend you look around our site and style of photography to see if we match with your expectations and vision. 

Tell others about services

We are grateful when you tell others about our services so do tell your friends and family members who could use our services.

Copyrighted Photographs

All our photographs are copyrighted and are meant for personal use, you are NEVER allowed to resell them NOR use them to sell items with them. Not for commercial usage ever.

All Rights Reserved

Any photos you see you on Kalina’s Studio site are the rights to Kalina’s Studio always if you see others using our photos they are infringing on our copyrights please report them to us. We reserve the rights to our photography content.

Some of our photos also coexist with our Etsy shop of a different name, so those photograph still fall under our rights reserved.


We make a recommendation to use our great partner Prints of Love.  However, Kalina’s Studio is not responsible for printing, shipping, nor any issues that we don’t offer in our site. We only make the suggestion to use them if you wish. Having said that, we chose to partner with them because they also have an excellent customer service department. 

Thank you, we are grateful you are here.