The Top 5 Products Moms Preferred

The 5 Highest Rated Products Recommended for Your Baby's First 8 Weeks

As new parents we get bombarded with all of the latest products for our new bundle of joy to come home. So we did a survey from experienced moms and these items were highly recommended as must haves for the first 8 weeks of your baby.

1. The first item is to swaddle during your baby’s first week home!

Moms love this swaddle because it’s lightweight and it is perfect for when it is warm in their house.

It’s 100% exhausted-mom-proof. You can’t mess it up. It easily zips closed and you don’t have to worry about anything coming loose. Many babies like having their arms by their ears, so this swaddle is great for preventing scratching their little faces. Make sure you have at least one in your newborn tool kit for your baby’s first week home.

2. Second, is a swaddle that allows your baby to put their arms up. Moms tell us they get an insane amount of use out of it during the first 8 weeks.

It’s also super cozy! Moms tell us they tend to get more than one because they are super useful during this period when their baby sleeps a lot.

3. The third item is a traveling bassinet that has a much smaller footprint than a regular PNP and adjusts to allow it to grow with your baby. Depending on if your home is two stories, moms love this to have the baby close to them or while traveling as well. It’s lightweight and has wheels, so it’s easy to move around. Moms find it extremely useful for many months and not just for the baby’s first week home. 

4. The fourth item is a dimmable light like this oneA dimmable desk light is super convenient during feedings without having to turn all the lights above and it is very convenient.

5. And the last item our moms recommended was this massager that due to all of the lifting, holding, and breastfeeding a newborn may trigger some serious shoulder and back pain for some moms. These moms wanted to share that they benefited from the relief this massage did for them.

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