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Hi, Mom to be! This listing is for a custom photograph! So you love our digital announcements but want to combine two pictures for something of your own? Then this listing is specially for you!

Please know that flowers are only available based on what is in our shop so message us if you need something special and confirm we can provide it for your announcement.

***Please send VERY DETAILED instructions to create your dream picture***
Some moms even “hand draw” their vision and send it to me 🙂

With this listing you are buying one (1) digital custom photograph created for you.

How to order:
Level 1: is one photo proof emailed in 48 hours (1 proof)
Level 2: is one photo proof emailed in 24 hours (1 proof)
We will send you a proof Monday through Fridays as per our working hours.

Please use this link to send very specific instructions for me to be able to stage the photograph.

To proceed with your order:
1. Send a detailed message for your photo: color background? flowers? no flowers?
props? letter board? Onesie? The more details the faster your photo will be ready.
2. Please email me a picture of what you want. It helps me a ton to see your vision :))
3. If you have an ultrasound please send through a separate message in JPEG format.
4. If you don’t have or don’t want an ultrasound please let know (I can use a mock-up).
5. Give us some time to create your dream announcement. Send us specific instructions.

***If you need a printable size, please send us a message with your order**

All of my photographs are taken with actual props nothing is graphically added except for fonts. So moving, removing a prop requires taking a brand new photograph.

This is like hiring a photographer at a great deal of a price, please consider that this takes times and every custom order takes at least 1.5 hours and these prices reflect a maximum amount I am going to spend on each custom order. I am happy to create a unique and beautiful announcement for you and appreciate your loyalty, business, and understanding of how this listing works.

***Also we only use fresh flowers and there is a limited kinds of flowers available per season***

Thank you and now that is out of the way, let’s go take some photos for your announcement 🙂


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