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Who is our favorite Printing Service?

Hello there mama!

Even though Kalina’s Studio does not print, we have partnered with two professional printing companies.

  1. Once your photo is edited by yourself or Kalina, Kalina’s Studio sends you a gallery from their website once we have you purchased your images. You will be able to purchase different forms of prints such as calendar, portraits, and different forms of prints with frames or not. 

You may visit our gallery here

2. Our other choice is our favorite printer for our invitations, photos, or nursery prints. Prints of Love, they are also great so use this link for you to get great service .

Printing paper recommendations for Prints of Love:

If you are not in hurry they are great at sending you a sample of their paper. They have 5 choices but these are our favorite printing papers because we noticed our photos and other printables look the best.

We recommend for invitation cards, shower poster sign 16 PT 130# Matte is a thicker paper and it makes the colors pop better. We also love the 12 PT 100# Linen for invitations.

For our photos we recommend 16 PT 130# Gloss, it makes our photos’ color pop and they will last longer, perfect for Christmas cards, Shower Signs, Nursery wall art.

Either choice is great the only difference is gloss versus matte. We like the thickness of the of the paper to make for a beautiful keepsake.

Thank you,

Kalina and Team ~

  • We ask that we you use our links as we get a small commission when you purchase from these vendors and we have established relationships with them, which is why you will receive amazing customer services from them.