Are you looking to work with our brand?

Thank you for your interest in working with our brand, Kalina’s Studio.     As you can see we are all about babies and super sweet stuff.

Contact us about marketing IF:

1. If you would be making our brand better. 

2. If you are in the baby business and you want to collaborate.

3. If you are a fan and would love to blog, feature us in your social media, and we would benefiting from collaborating with your brand.

4. If you work for a press publication that would love to feature some happy news with our pregnancy announcements.

Kalina’s Studio is an incredible happy place and we pride ourself on delivering good news, consequently, we want to keep it that way. Please don’t make it awkward by still contacting us without answer “yes” to 3 of the above mentioned. Thank you. ~

Kalina & Legal Team~