8 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas You Will Love

Most Popular Baby Announcement Ideas

When you find out you are expecting a baby is big news. You’ll want to shout it from the rooftops! Putting together a unique and memorable baby announcement is an art form that requires experience. You only get one chance to announce your pregnancy so consider how you’re going to share the news.

Looking for inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. At Kalina’s Studio we have created a collection of pregnancy announcement ideas that you will love and are unforgettable. Whether you prefer to go low-key or go all out, you’ll find a range of just-right pregnancy announcement ideas to choose from and share.

1) Quarantine Pregnancy Announcements

Given 2020’s pandemic that we are all trying to navigate, a happy announcement is what many of us need. Instead of social media filled with more tragic updates, here is a creative way of sharing what happened when social distancing wasn’t practiced… in the bedroom!


2) Over the Moon Announcements

Our Over the Moon Pregnancy Announcements offer our very best in unique and creative ways to do your pregnancy announcement. Share your excitement about your gender neutral (see sample boy gender reveal) baby boy announcement on Facebook or your favorite social media, and let your friends and new grandparents know that you are over the moon for your baby with our memorable collection.

3) Rainbow Pregnancy Announcements

Since becoming pregnant with a rainbow baby is a momentous occasion, many families like to include a rainbow in their baby reveal. When creating a rainbow baby announcement, quotes are great way to share the news.  There are so many cute ways to incorporate a rainbow we invite you to checkout our rainbow collection to shop from, we have done all of the work for you!


4) Twin Pregnancy Announcements

Pregnancy announcements and gender reveals have gained quite a bit of popularity over the years, especially twin pregnancy announcements! Weather you are looking to do your twin pregnancy announcement to grandparents and friends use this creative ways to announce that you are expecting TWO babies, our twin pregnancy announcements are designed just for you.

5) Fall Baby Pregnancy Announcements

With the arrival of fall comes cooler weather, cozy blankets, and all things pumpkin. While you’re embracing all the changes of the new season, what better way to bring your baby-to-be in on the fun than by sharing the news with your friends and family with a fall pregnancy announcement. Our fall announcements are great for September, October pregnancy announcements and specially for Thanksgiving baby announcements.

6) Christmas Pregnancy Announcements

One of the best parts of being pregnant during Christmas is having fun sharing the good news with family and friends. We’ve compiled a collection of fun and festive announcements you can personalize to reveal your pregnancy during this very special time of the year. On top of that you may print them as  Christmas pregnancy announcement card.

7) New Year’s Baby Announcements

The New Year holiday is already full of sparkle, fireworks and celebrations. That is why this is one of the best times of the year to announce a pregnancy and share this special moment with your family and friends. To make your New Year’s extra special, we got you covered with our unforgettable collection!

8) IVF Pregnancy Announcements

For many couples trying to get pregnant on their own, it can take years of pitfalls before they finally get the good news: a positive pregnancy test. When it is finally time to share that special moment they’ve been hoping and praying for, why not go all out. We designed our IVF pregnancy announcements for that special day!

We welcomed to explore all of pregnancy announcements for any season. Check all our collections here and stay in touch by joining our group of moms who love to get more digital items like invitations, birth announcements and more!