10 Unique Ways to Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant!

Pregnancy Announcement to Parents - Tips & Ideas

Congratulations on your pregnancy! We’re sure you cannot wait to announce the happy news to your parents (and parents-in-law, too). After all, they will also be gaining a new family member and might even be becoming grandparents for the very first time. 

When trying to decide how to announce your pregnancy to your parents there are so many great ways from a simple phone call to an in-person conversation. Simplicity is fine but sometimes making your announcement a memorable one is even better! 

Looking for some inspiration for how to let your parents know that you’re pregnant? At Kalina’s Studio, we specialize in creating pregnancy announcements for social media that are unforgettable! Below are 10 unique ways to tell your parents you’re pregnant:

1) Give Your Parents a Cute Onesie

Why not give a onesie to your parents announcing the BIG news? Here is a beautiful onesie gift basket that your parents will never forget. Oh-so memorable and cute!

2) Mark the Calendar with Your Due Date

Sometimes it’s best to announce a pregnancy in a simple way. Gift your parents a new calendar with your due date highlighted. When they ask why, break out the news!

3) Tell Your Parents with a Fun Digital Reveal!

Craft the perfect post to reveal your pregnancy with our downloadable images that are personalized with your baby’s details. We created many super easy, professional, and fun templates like this one which is a great way to do a digital pregnancy reveal.

4) Use a Bottle of Wine to do your Baby Reveal

Pop over to your parents’ on a dinner invite or for “no reason” give them a bottle of their favorite wine reworked with one of our amazing wine labels. Tears of joy guaranteed!

5) Grandparent Pregnancy Announcement Cake

Bake or buy a simple sheet cake iced with the words, “We’re Having a Baby!” After they visit for a casual brunch or dinner, their jaws will drop once it comes time for dessert!.

6) Cute Baby Gift Basket Announcement

Ok, this isn’t really different from the onesie reveal, but this gift basket is so adorable it had to get its own mention. Your parents will love what it says and the cute shoes and calendar are an extra touch to make your announcement unforgettable!

7) Quarantine Christmas Announcement Idea

This fall-themed pregnancy announcement from our collection doubles as a quarantine announcement that will sure leaf your parents smiling.

8) Create a Grandparents-to-Be Pregnancy Announcement Card

There’s nothing more meaningful than a handwritten card, and a homemade announcement card for your parents will definitely be one that they cherish.

9) Pregnancy Reveal Shirt

Although you may not have a large baby bump yet, you can wear a shirt that accentuates or points out your belly for your parents to take notice. See how long it takes for them to realize what’s written on your shirt, let alone what it actually means!

10) Gender Reveal Announcement Idea

If you know the sex of your baby, why not do a gender reveal with your pregnancy announcement. It will definitely be a moment your parents will never forget!

Looking for a unique announcement? At Kalina’s Studio, we specialize in creating pregnancy announcements for social media that are unforgettable! We started our business in 2016 and have over 11,000 happy customers. Let us help you share your pregnancy with a baby announcement that will leave your parents smiling!